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Tinder com - Over 50 Dating Site for Rich Seniors


Tinder com doesn't need much introduction as the dating site is one of the best when it comes to meeting rich older singles. Tinder---com is popular for linking rich singles who are 30 and above. However, you must first define who your perfect match is. While some persons are on Tindercom simply to find a casual date, others crave to meet their life partner, long-term acquaintances, or hookups.

The popularity of Tindercom knows no bound in the dating space. Most of Tindercom members are from rich countries like the United States, Australia, Canada, and some European countries. If you live in any of these countries, your chance of locally meeting a rich single over 50 is very high. Since inception, Tindercom has helped lots of people, especially those that don't fancy face-to-face dating opportunities, to meet their life-long partners. Regardless of your location or work schedule, creating a profile on Tindercom would give you the opportunity to make new friends. Tinder com is free to join.

Whether you crave for long-term relationships, casual flings, one night stand, and everything in between, Tindercom claim they have got the features to find what you are looking for. Is Tindercom among the top dating sites for over 50? Is Tindercom for older people? Our review will cover everything you need to know about Tindercom so that you can make an informed decision.

Features Of Tindercom

After creating a profile on Tindercom, you're a step closer to meeting that woman or man you've always been dreaming of. The following are some of the general features of Tinder:

  • There are millions of members on Tindercom.
  • Tindercom is only meant for rich singles over 30.
  • The pricing is affordable and competitive compared to other dating sites for rich single senios.

Let's take a more in-depth look at some special features of Tinder com:

Special Features Of Tindercom

Tinder Luxuries show

The Tinder luxuries show is like a get-together party organized by the team behind Tindercom to give members the opportunity to know themselves and possibly hook up. Generally, the show avail members the opportunity to start over 50 dating or rich tinder dating.

Tinder com For Rich Singles

If you're looking to date a rich single above 30, look no further than Tindercom. This site has more than 2 million rich singles for you to meet.

Read Receipt

The read receipt feature will enable you to know when a potential match has read your messages. You need to activate this feature for it to be active. Don't worry; your potential match won't know whether the feature is active or not. Free members do not have access to this feature, as it is purchased in packs, 5, 10, 15, 20, and so on.


Tindercom is among the dating whose website is mobile compatible. Not every time you will be on a laptop or a PC to find love. As a registered member of Tindercom, you can access your profile on your smartphone without any hassle.

Super like

Tinder com gives out one free Super like to every member on their dating site. Each passing day, you can send your free super like to any profile of your choice. To activate more super likes, you need to upgrade to a premium tinder account.

Confidential Tinder Dating Site

Tindercom values the personal information of members, as such they don't request for background checks unlike other dating sites for rich seniors. They have a mechanism in place to protect their members and immediately blocks or suspends erring members or scam tinder profiles.

Advanced Tinder Search

This feature enables Tindercom members to easily find a perfect match locally. With this feature, starting tinder dating just got easier.

Boost tinder singles

The "boost" feature is designed by Tindercom to increase your chances of finding your heart rob. Let's face it; it is not easy to find exactly what you want on most dating sites; you can spend countless hours browsing different profiles. But when you boost your profile, you will appear on the first page of the Tinder com search query.

Super Boost ptrmium tinder members

The super-boost feature is the ultimate hack on Tindercom. If you upgrade to this feature, your profile will receive more likes, and your chances of meeting your dream man or woman would increase. Whether your intention of joining Tindercom is to meet rich older singles, activating this feature will make you achieve your intentions.

Top Picks

This feature makes it possible for you to quickly meet your potential match instead of browsing every profile that comes your way. With this feature, Tinder com will help you select the top candidates that they feel would meet over 50 singles. So when making your preference during profile creation, ensure you're as truthful as possible.

Tinder Security

With over 5 million members on Tinder com, the issue of security and scams should be of great concern; as such, Tindercom partnered with a personal safety app, to create a panic button for members to use whenever their profile is endangered. This feature is only available for residents in the US.

Phone Verification

To further increase the security on Tindercom, the team behind Tindercom thought it wise to verify the phone numbers of members. Once you successfully verify your phone number, Tindercom will display a blue checkmark beside your username before you start over 50 dating. However, this feature is not available in all countries.

How To Meet Over 50s Singles Successfully

There are lots of rich older singles on Tindercom seeking true love; one sure way to successfully meet over 50s singles on Tinder is to upgrade your profile to a premium account. With that, you will have access to all the features explained above. You can leverage their unique features to pitch your profile in front of your match.

Pros and Cons of Tinder com


  • Tindercom doesn't have a time limit for two users to exchange messages.
  • With Tindercom dating, you can get virtually anything you want, from marriage to rich life, and everything in between.
  • Tinder for adults is a great experience.
  • The site is user-friendly, and the registration process is very seamless.
  • Huge membership base.


  • More than 76% of those using Tindercom lives in the city; this means if you live in a rural area, your chances of meeting your heartthrob is very slim.
  • You must upgrade to a paid membership to access the site features.
  • Tinder com is not for those below 30 years.
  • Limited information about a potential date.

Comments of the Best Dating Site For Over 50s

"My name is Sophie; I met my boyfriend on Tindercom 2 years ago. A colleague at the office introduced me to Tindercom. Initially, I was a bit nervous because of the bad experience I had on face-to-face dating. I summoned courage and registered a profile on the platform; it wasn't up to 3 days when I met my boyfriend. We are planning our wedding at the moment."

"I am 54 years, single, and based in Texas. Before I joined Tindercom, I craved for a casual date, and I got one after 5 days of registering on the platform. I would like to encourage others that Tindercom is real and that they should go for what they want. Whether you need Tindercom for rich people or older people, you will get it on Tindercom".

Signup Process of The Over 50 Dating Site For Rich Seniors

Registering on Tindercom is simple and straightforward. You can complete a profile within 5 to 8 minutes. The following is a step-by-step guide on the signup process:

  • Visit tinder com and click on "join now."
  • Provide your email address or mobile number
  • A verification message would be sent to your email or mobile phone for confirmation
  • Once you confirm your email or phone number, proceed to complete the registration form
  • After completing the form, submit your application for consideration.


The following are the amounts payable by Tindercom members:

Duration/Plan Costs Total
1 Month 70 USD/Month 70 USD/Month
3 Months 45 USD/Month 135 USD
6 Months 45 USD/Month 240 USD


There you have it! As you can see Tindercom is a great dating site for everybody, including the rich older singles. The signup process is very simple and straightforward. It won't take you up to 8 minutes to complete the entire process. Regardless of your dating cravings; whether you need a one-night stand, long-term acquaintances, or a lifetime partner, Tindercom has got you covered. Overall, Tindercom is affordable, legit and accessible to all and sundry.