Where Can I Meet Over 50 Singles?

meet over 50s singles

For many years dating over 50 singles was seen as a near-impossible task. People were under the impression that all those over 50 were already in serious and committed relationships, which is far from the truth though. It is completely possible to find dates over 50 and to even find love if that is what you are looking for.

Where do you start looking for over 50 singles? There are plenty of places that you can start your search, some of them you may have thought of while others you might not. Let's take a look at some of the best places to find over 50 singles.

Best Dating Sites for Over 50

One of the best places to find a date when you are over 50 is on one of the best dating sites for over 50 singles. Dating sites are often thought to be the place for younger singles to turn when they are looking to find dates but they are increasingly opening up to those who are over 50. Sites specifically dedicated to singles over 50 are available out there and serve as a great place to find a match.

Before signing up for a dating site as an over 50 single you will want to make sure that you are signing up for one of the best sites out there. Some of the most reputable sites are:

  • Silver Singles
  • OurTime
  • Elite Singles
  • SeniorMatch

Besides these sites, there are also a handful of traditional dating sites that offer specific sections for those who are looking to date over 50. This allows you to have an area to go to that only has people your age, filtering out younger people isn't necessary.

To maximize your chance of making a match on one of these sites you will want to ensure that you have a set of quality photos of yourself. If you can find a picture of you laughing that is best as our smiles and laughter make us more relatable. Your profile photo is one of the first things that singles will see and as such is one of the first things they will use to decide whether or not they are interested in you.

The dating site that you pick should be one that has plenty of users in your area, many will let you create a free account to look at users in your area and get an idea of whether the platform is right for you or not. Another feature that you want to look for is a dating site that moderates its platform to remove as many scammers and fake accounts as possible. You don't want to have to sort through users to find real ones.

Take a Class

Classes are one of the best places to start meeting singles over 50. Classes such as cooking, wine tasting, and hobby classes can be found around the world and attract people of all ages. Try to find classes that interest you or that add a new skill that you can use in your life, these classes can always be talking points later on if you find a date through another route.

These classes make a great way to meet people as you already know that they are interested in similar things when you find someone, this gives you something to break the ice with. The class also offers something to talk about at the moment when you meet, ask about whether they like the wine they are tasting, or if they are having trouble with crafting something. Plus, you are doing something when you meet them and that can take off the initial edge of talking to someone for the first time.

Some dating groups offer classes specifically for meeting singles. Silver Singles is an example of a dating platform that offers classes for single people over 50. These classes range just as much as finding a class that isn't oriented toward single people and provides you with all of the same benefits.

Explore Singles Experiences

Some people think that singles experiences such as cruises or resorts are cheesy or not worth their time, which is far from the truth. Going on experiences such as singles cruises are a great way for people over 50 to meet a potential partner. That is what these cruises are for after all.

Look for over 50 singles experiences specifically if you want to have the best possible experience. Going on one of these will help to keep the event to only people you are interested in and can easily relate with. If you choose to use a traditional singles cruise or go to a traditional singles resort that isn't age oriented, just be prepared to meet people from a wide variety of ages.

A singles experience also gives you a chance to escape from the normal and relax, putting you in a state of comfort when interacting with other singles.

Go to the Bar

The bar is still a great place to meet singles when you are looking for people over 50. No matter what age you are, the bar is always a great place to meet people but it has to be your scene. If you aren't comfortable approaching people at the bar, it may not be the best place for you, otherwise, you should be going out and trying to meet people at the bar.

It may help to bring a friend to the bar to act as your wing person. This will give someone for you to socialize with until you are ready to ask someone out, it also gives you someone to turn to in order to build your confidence.

Another good idea for meeting people at a bar is to look for when the bars are hosting events. It shouldn't be hard to find a bar that offers trivia night, concerns, dancing classes, painting, and drinking, or some similar activity that will encourage socialization while you drink.

To maximize your chance of finding a single of a similar age you will want to consider what bars you are going to go to. Depending on what bar you go to it may not be the optimal atmosphere for meeting someone. Quite bars or bars where there is too much going on will make it difficult to approach people. You will also want to find a bar that is popular with people in the age range that you are looking for.

Try Out Your Local Cafe

With the popularity of Starbucks coffee shops of all brands have popped up around the country and are commonplace for people to meet each other. If you are looking to meet someone to ask out a coffee shop would be on the list of best places to start looking. People from all age groups turn to these shops and they make a great place to sit.

A great part of looking for a date at a coffee shop is that you have the perfect ice breaker, just ask them how they like their pastry or drink.

Being a single over 50 gives you a chance to get back out there and have new experiences once again. No matter who you are there are new things to try and new people to meet, which includes over 50 singles. No matter which option you choose to go with, we recommend creating a profile on over 50 dating site to use as an option. You never know what you will find and it doesn't take much work to stay on top of your dating profile!