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Eharmony is one of the best matchmaking dating sites in the United States. Founded in 2000 by Dr. Neil Clark Warren, who happens to be a Clinical Psychologist, eHarmony has grown in popularity due to its compatibility matching system for dating over 50s singles. The compatibility matching system narrows down the list of a potential match to those that share similar interests with you.

According to the available report, eHarmony matches more than 15 million over 50s singles in a single day. Out of this number, more than 600,000 couples got married after hook up. Regardless of what your cravings are, Eharmony will meet you at the point of your needs.

Is the dating site worth your precious time? Would you find that heart rob you've always been dreaming of? Does eHarmony have the features to match you with someone who shares a similar interest with you? Thankfully, we have done all the hard job for you. So read on to find out whether eHarmony is really what they claim they are.

Sign up Process

Eharmony's sign-up process is not like the usual registration process of other dating sites. You've got to put in at least 10 minutes to complete the registration process. eHarmony collects and verifies relevant information from you before your application is approved.

There are two options to sign up on the site – registration through Facebook and your email address. Whichever option you choose, the process is seamless and straightforward. Be prepared to answer some questions (personality and compatibility tests) to enable the team to match you with your over 50s singles.

After providing answers to the questions, you then process to upload a profile photo. Ensure you upload a decent picture of yourself because that is the first point of call when a potential match notices your profile. After uploading a profile photo, you submit your application and wait a while for the team to approve your request.


Several features make the dating site for over 50s singles one of the best dating sites in the United States. These features are a basic necessity for communication. The following are the features you're likely to come across as a registered member of the Eharmony ecosystem:

Send a Smile

The "send a smile" feature is a communication smiley icon usually found under the profile photo of every member. As you peruse the site to find your perfect match, you can use this feature to notify your potential match that you're interested in him/her. Simply put, this feature is a good way of initiating conversation with your potential match.

Add to Favorites

This feature makes it possible for you to create a list of favorite profiles. To do this, you've got to click on the star icon close to the profile photo of your potential match. You can always check your favorite list to find a match that shares a similar interest with you.

What If?

This feature is only available to paid members. If you are yet to upgrade your profile to a paid membership, you won't have access to this feature. With the "what if" feature, you will get an extra 30 profiles for you to choose from.

Profile quality

The site for matchmaking dating claims their profile quality is top-notch; they boast of matching people with similar interests and life experiences. One factor that may likely affect your chances of meeting your heart rob is the information you provided during the registration process. Whatever answers you gave during the questions and answer segment is what the site for matchmaking dating will match you with. Plus, the information would be visible on your over 50s profile.

There is a compatibility tab on each member's profile that shows how a member is likely to behave in a relationship. The following are some of the attitudes you will find on the compatibility tab:

  • Physical intimacy
  • Conscientiousness
  • Emotional intimacy
  • Relationship values
  • Relationship values
  • Altruism
  • Agreeableness
  • Extraversion
  • Social Values
  • Intellect
  • Romance
  • Exclusivity
  • Athleticism
  • Accommodation
  • Affection

Additionally, eHarmony has a Q&A section for users to leverage in a bid to determine who your perfect match is. After going through the questions and then provide answers, you will get to see the answers to your potential match; that way, you will know whether both of you can agree on something or not.

Comments of eharmony.com members

"My joy knows no bound after meeting my perfect match on the site for dating over 50s singles. I was already fed with online dating until eHarmony renewed my hope. I got to know about the site through my senior sister, who met her husband on eHarmony. She encouraged me to give online dating a chance. I registered and provided all the information requested by eHarmony, uploaded a decent photo of myself, and started the hunt for true love. It wasn't up to 3 months when I met him. I call him "my baby boy" because he is so daring to me." - Sarah, 41

"eHarmony is a dating platform to be if you need true love. Two years ago, I broke up with my boyfriend because I caught him cheating on me. I surf the net to find a real and legit dating site, and that was how I stumbled on eHarmony. After the registration process and I got a list of favorite matches, and I sent direct messages to a few of them. A nice-looking man, who today is my husband, responded to my message, and we exchange contact. One thing led to the other, we dated and later got married." - Rose, 31

Pros and Cons of Eharmony


  • Huge membership base: eHarmony has more than 15 million members, with more people still visiting the site to create a profile. With the current membership base, it becomes easy for you to meet the man/woman of your dream.
  • Reasonable price: The amount charged by eHarmony is affordable and competitive compared to what those seeking love pay on other dating sites.
  • Quick and Easy registration process: The eHarmony registration process is very simple and straightforward. The maximum time you're expected to spend if things do not go south is 10 minutes.
  • Security: As a user of eHarmony, your safety and security are guaranteed. The site claims they don't divulge members information to third-party or affiliate sites.


  • You cannot see matches outside your preferences as a free member.
  • Some features are not accessible as a free member.


The following are the amounts payable by eHarmony members:

Duration/Plan Costs Total
6 Month (Light) 32.95 USD/Month 197.70 USD
12 Months (Plus) 22.97 USD/Month 275.64 USD
24 Months (Extra) 17.97 USD/Month 431.28 USD

FAQ of Eharmony

Can I get a causal relationship on eHarmony?

Of course, you can get a causal relationship on eHarmony. As a matter of fact, regardless of your relationship cravings, you will get it on eHarmony.

Who owns eHarmony?

eHarmony is owned and operated by eHarmony Inc. The company was founded by Dr. Neil Clark Warren in 2000.

How do I contact their customer support desk?

Contacting their customer support desk is very simple. Visit the website and click on their help page. There are some FAQs on the site, but if you are not satisfied, you can reach out to them via email.

Can I report another user?

Yes, you can report a user who you feel is into a scam. the matchmaking dating site would investigate and suspend the user's profile. To report a user, to go the user's profile and look out for "report this match," click on the button, and you're good to go.

What are the methods of payment?

To upgrade your profile from free membership to a premium account, you can pay through PayPal and credit/debit cards.


eHarmony is a great place to meet your perfect match. Whether you are looking for serious commitments, dating over 50s singles, or a relationship that would lead to marriage, you can get it on eHarmony. The compatibility matching system narrows down the list of a potential match to those that share similar interests with you.