What Is The Best Dating Site For Over 50s?

best dating sites for over50s


Online dating is no longer a fad compared to what it used to be decades ago. Dating sites for those over 50s are becoming increasingly popular as the day goes by. A recent survey shows that rich older men now turn to date sites seeking for a serious relationship and possibly marriage.

Choosing the best dating site for over 50s is like buying a new car – you're presented with lots of options to choose from. You may want to choose something reliable and time-tested, or you may want something flashy that maintains the latest trends. It is totally up to you!

These days, you can find pretty much any type of dating site to suit your fancy. Whether you care about a niche user base or a psychology-based match algorithm; there is certainly a dating platform made with you in mind. You just have to find it.

To give you a heads up in your quest, we have compiled the best 5 dating sites for over 50s for your consideration. But before we head straight to give you the list of the best over 50s hookup sites, let quickly highlight some of the features of high quality over 50s dating sites.

Features Of High Quality Over 50s Dating Site

The following are the features of a high-quality dating site for over 50s:

#1. Easy Sign Up Process

The first thing to consider in a dating site for over 50s is the signup process. There are some dating sites you will spend at around 5 minutes and your profile would be ready to start searching for your soul mate. On the other hand, there are also dating sites you will spend between 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete the registration process. You don't want a dating site that would take all of your time during the registration process. As such, it is important to pay attention to a dating site's sign up process.

#2. Membership Base

Let's face it; dating is a game of number. If you limit your search to a dating platform with a few members, you're likely not to meet someone that would match your preferences. Thus, you have to channel your effort to a dating platform where there is a huge membership base. This is the only way you will meet and date that man or woman of your dream.

#3. Social Media Integration

Dating sites integrate social media platforms on their sign up page to verify the identities of their users. When you sign up with an existing social media account, the dating site would automatically access vital information about you like location, birthday, and previous profile picture.

#4. Photos And Videos

The best dating site for over 50s should allow you to upload at one photo and at least a flirty clip of yourself. Though this varies from site to site, it is certainly one of the criteria to determine the best over 50s hookup sites.

#5.Safety Features

Safety is an important issue when talking about online dating. It was reported in the CBS news segment that Americans lost more than $84 million due to romance scams. Some criminals take advantage of dating sites to scam unsuspecting singles of their hard-earned money. A dating site that is not safety conscious is not worth your time. There should be a mechanism to block suspected scam profiles and even report them to the customer support desk.

#6. Match Making Process

Different over 50s hookup sites take a different approach to match users with what they want. Some use personality traits and membership status, while others focus on distance and location. Effective matching creates room for you to quickly meet your potential partner. You should take time to find out what the dating site you intending creating a profile used to match its members.

#7. Search Tools

A search tool is also an important feature in any dating site. You don't want to spend all your time browsing different profiles before you land your dream man or woman. A search tool will allow you to quickly find what you are looking for based on distance, age, gender, height, race, religion, eye color, occupation, as well as income.

#8. Messaging Feature For communication

Without the messaging feature, communication between users of a dating site would not be possible. While some dating sites allow free communication, others require that you must upgrade to premium membership before you are allowed to send instant messages to other members of the site.

#9. Responsive Customer Service

Sometimes you need a little help to fully understand the operations of a dating site; this is where a responsive customer service matters. Some dating sites use live chat, phone calls, and email to communicate with daters on their platforms. Regardless of your dating cravings, the customer service department of a dating site should be able to answer all your questions.

Now you know the features to look out for in the best dating site for over 50s, let's head straight to list the best dating for your consideration.

Best Dating Sites For Over 50s

#1. Seniormatch.com

Top on our list of the best over 50s hookup sites is SeniorMatch.com. This over 50s hookup site made it to the top of our list for a few reasons – firstly, it employs personality tests and questionnaires to filter your dating preferences and thus match you with someone who is compatible with you. Founded in 2001, SeniorMatch.com was designed primarily to help senior singles to find their perfect match. While SeniorMatch can help you find a lifetime partner, those seeking for a casual date, travel buddies, new friends, as well as activity partners will enjoy the use of SeniorMatch. This dating site is more like Facebook but targeted towards seniors.

#2. Tinder---com.com

Another great dating site for seniors is Tinder---com.com. This dating site makes it possible for rich older men to flirt, chart, and view profiles with ease. Most of Tinder---com members are from rich countries like the United States, Australia, Canada, and some European countries. If you live in any of these countries, your chance of locally meeting rich older men over 50 is very high.

Since inception, Tinder---com has helped lots of people, especially those that don't fancy face-to-face dating opportunities, to meet their life partners. Regardless of your location or work schedule, creating a profile on Tindercom would give you the opportunity to make new friends. Tinder com is free to join.

#3. SugarDaddyMeet.com

Are you looking to meet rich older men? Then consider creating a profile on SugarDaddyMeet.com. Established in 2007, SugarDaddyMeet has been at the front burner ensuring that rich older men seeking a companion or a relationship get younger women they desire. The platform has a presence in about 20 rich countries in the world.

Currently, its membership base stands at 2 million registered members; out of this number, more than 1.4 million members are sugar babies seeking for either financial support or a long-term relation with sugar daddies.

#4. OlderWomenDating.com

OlderWomenDating.com is a dating site for older women looking for younger men. Founded over 18 years ago by SeccessfulMatch, OlderWomenDating is one of the best dating sites for over 50s. No matter your dating cravings – serious relationships, casual dates, one-night stand, or marriage, OlderWomenDating promises to meet you at the point of your needs. The site is fairly affordable compared to other dating sites in the same niche.

#5. Bicupid.com

Bicupid is one of the best free dating sites in the USA. Launched in 2004, the site boasts of more than 8 million users and has a compatibility feature. If you are interested in a potential date, the system will generate random questions and quizzes to enable you to determine whether or not the potential date is compatible with you. You can also activate the search query by entering the personality qualities of your potential date and OkCupid will match you with your requested qualities.

Kinds Of Over 50s Relationships

There are various kinds of over 50s relationships out there. From normal dating, rich dating, hookups to adult hookups, and everything in between. If you crave for normal dating, SeniorMatch.com is perfect for you. If you long for rich dating, then go ahead and create a profile on Tinder---com.com.

If you are interested in hookups, you might want to try out SugarDaddyMeet.com and OlderWomenDating. What about those that have cravings for an adult hookup? A perfect dating site for them is BiCupid.com.


There we go! These are the best over 50s hookup sites for you to consider if you're looking to meet rich older men. However, as you chat and flirt, be mindful of scammers and they lure around for unsuspecting victims.