Are you looking to date over 40? A common myth has circulated for years that it is incredibly hard to date over 40. The truth is that over 40 dating is not hard at all, especially with the introduction of dating sites for women over 40. So where should single women over 40 go to find a date?

Today we are going to look at some of the best dating sites for women over 40. Each one was picked because it not only has real users but they also have the features you expect from a dating site. Take a look at each one and we are sure that you will find one that is right for you.

#1 SeniorMatch


SeniorMatch is at the top of the list because it is one of the most well-known places for over 40 dating on the internet. You have to be over 45 in order to use the website so you know that you don't have to filter around other users who aren't within the age range. People also like the fact that free memberships have some communication options and aren't completely blocked from utilizing the website.

Paid membership to SeniorMatch allows you to filter out inactive profiles, a feature that every dating site should have but still has remained a lesser offered feature.

Tinder became big in the dating world because of the swiping feature. SeniorMatch has adopted that into an option on its platform. With SPARK on SeniorMatch, you can either Like or Pass on a profile to indicate whether or not you are interested in someone. The simplicity of this feature has made it relatively popular.

#2 Senior Friend Finder

senior friend finder

FriendFinder is a large network of dating platforms that has been around for a while. You can find one of their original websites later on in this list. SeniorFriendFinder is the over 40 dating platform that they offer to compliment the rest of their services. One of the big reasons that you should consider the site is that it has a very large number of active users.

If you don't like meeting members on a dating site by the traditional search list, SeniorFriendFinder has you covered. One of the big features on SeniorFriendFinder is the ability to find other members through the chat rooms and forums, which are both very active. Having a big name behind the company also means that complaints and website issues are taken seriously and acted on rapidly.

#3 Older Women Dating

older women dating

Out of the best dating sites for women over 40, OlderWomenDating stands out for its sleek and modern interface. It is compared to other top dating sites from all industries and has received good reviews around the internet. The majority of men on the website are those who are younger, looking to date an older woman. These men are called cubs.

It is true that for some older women that they don't want to date younger men and that is okay. We do recommend that you try dating a younger man before you knock it though. The experience can be quite rewarding and even make you feel younger again.

#4 SeniorSizzle


With a name like Senior Sizzle, it shouldn't be too surprising that the platform is dedicated to having sexual adventures as a person over 40. Despite the numerous erotic videos and pictures, the website has a lot of dating features that will help you connect with potential matches in your area. Besides searching for members you can view the member activity feed and see what other people are doing on the site, this can be a great way to find conversation starters.

An interesting feature on the Senior Sizzle website is the fact that the site is very much like a social media platform. You can comment, like, vote, and share on the site, just like you would with Facebook. This adds an interesting level to being single women over 40 dating.

Like SeniorFriendFinder, SeniorSizzle is a member of the FriendFinder network. The one difference between the sites is that SeniorSizzle was designed to be more erotic than its sister website.

#5 Horny Wife

Horny Wife is a great place for those over 40 dating who are looking for a more explicit style of relationship. The website is quite well rated but often compared to an amateur porn site with the amount of graphic content that is displayed on the site. Those who use the website like the fact that there are various ways of interacting such as messaging, blogs, and even community games.

Not only is HornyWife a great place to turn if you are looking to find a man (especially for online interaction) but it is also a great place to go to get advice. The blogs and magazine features of the site provide quite a lot of information to members. If you want to turn on men, make a little extra money, and/or become very popular on the site you can also host a live member webcam.

#6 AdultFriendFinder


AdultFriendFinder is a great website for people of any age, including those over 40 dating. As one of the original adult dating sites, AdultFriendFinder has a relatively large user base and many active users every day. Something important to note about AdultFriendFinder is that it is mainly oriented towards friends with benefits relationships and one time encounters (hookups).

Browsing around the Adult Friend Finder website, you will find that it is packed with plenty of features that will be helpful in finding a partner. Not only can you search for users and use a handful of filters but you can interact with others through the various features of the website. The Friend Finder Network (the one mentioned before) is well known for the interactivity and function of their sites.

We recommend Adult Friend Finder for women who are interested in having fun encounters but may not be ready for something serious. Keep in mind though that it is not a platforms specifically limited to those over 40 dating, you will have to sort through the users to find people you might be interested in.

#7 AshleyMadison


Looking to find someone who is adventurous and of a similar age to you? AshleyMadison might be the place you want to look at. AshleyMadison claims to have over 60 million users that range in age. No matter what you are looking for from a relationship you can find it on AshleyMadison but the site does tend to learn toward having more casual relationships.

Before considering AshleyMadison as the dating site you want to use to find a partner, it is important to know that it is a dating site that is primarily oriented towards those who are looking to have an affair. The website doesn't require that you be in a relationship, just be interested in having an affair with someone who is already in a relationship.

Before deciding which dating site you want to use for over 40 dating, we highly recommend that you take a look at each one. Don't just read our review but look at their website and see it for yourself. There are multiple great websites out there and while one might be right for one person, you might find that another is right for you. As you can see from the list some websites also have different specialties. Most importantly though, enjoy your search and have fun.