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Age Match Review - Young Woman Dating A Man Over 50


Are you looking to date a man over 50? Do you fancy age gap dating? Then Agematch might be the right dating site for you. AgeMatch claims they are the number one age gap dating site. They celebrate love without recourse to the age difference. AgeMatch is a great platform where younger women can hook up with older men, and older women are free to flirt with younger men.

Established in 2001, AgeMatch is one of the pioneer dating sites that launched age gap dating for those interested in this niche. Since 2001 to date, the site has helped lots of single women and men to build a long-lasting relationship, which sometimes leads to marriage. AgeMatch boasts of more than 1 million members across the world on its register.

Is AgeMatch legit? Is it the right dating site to connect you to a man over 50? Is there a possibility for you to find love? Read on to find out. Thankfully, we have done all the hard job for you by reviewing the operations of AgeMatch for you to make a wise decision.

Member Structure on AgeMatch

We mentioned earlier that AgeMatch is the number one spot to meet a man over 50. The site has more than a million members across the world. About 85% of the members on the site are generally from the United States. The gender distribution is not that bad compared to other dating sites in the age gap dating niche. The ration of women to men is 2:3; this means there are more men on this site than women.

Most men on AgeMatch are established and mature to handle difficulties in relationships. They are on the site for one good reason – to meet with younger women and build a relationship that may lead to marriage. On the other hand, there appear to be younger women who are interested in dating older men instead of their age mate. Most women on AgeMatch are between the ages of 18 to 34 years.

Sign Up Process

Joining AgeMatch is pretty simple and straightforward. If you are very fast, you should complete your profile within 5 minutes. A visit to the official website – www.agematch.com shows that you can register via Facebook or complete a registration form.

If you opt for the former, you would be required to grant permission to your Facebook account, and the system will automatically link your Facebook profile information to AgeMatch. If you decide to complete the registration form manual, you would be required to provide your full name, age, sexual preferences, location, mobile phone number, profession, as well as the information about the kind of person you hope to meet.

After completing the form, you need to upload a decent picture of yourself to enhance your profile visibility, and then submit the application for processing. If everything goes well, within a few minutes, you will receive a response from AgeMatch that your profile has been created. You can then start dating a man over 50.

Features Of AgeMatch

AgeMatch has a wide range of features that enhances the usability of the site. Below are the features of this dating site:

Reverse Matches

This feature makes it possible for AgeMatch's search query to filter those profiles that share the same interest with you. During registration, it is expected that you update your profile with the information on your potential matches.

Send Wink for dating a man over 50

As you browse through the profiles of your potential matches, you can send them wink notifying them that you're interested in them. Regardless of your membership plan, sending a wink to a potential match is absolutely free of charge.

Age Gap Dating Tips

AgeMatch's blog is a hub where all members are free to express their thoughts. As an expert in a particular area, say medicine, you can use the blog feature to communicate with AgeMatch's community and share useful tips that may improve members of the community's over health.

Age Gap Forum

Forum, like the blog feature, is a room where all members meet to discuss trending issues. If you have any issue bothering you, you can post the question on the forum for members knowledgeable in the subject to respond. There is a wide variety of topics on AgeMatch's forum.

First Date Ideas

The "first date ideas"' feature is another great communication tool for members to leverage. If you are a free member, you can browse through the first date ideas of older singles, but you won't be able to respond or contribute. Only paid members have access to this feature.

Let's Meet

This is a great way to find your potential match. With the "let's meet"' feature, you will be able to evaluate your potential matches' profile pictures to determine whether or not they are suitable for you. As you browse through the profile pictures, you can click the check button to indicate your interest or click the ex button if you don't like the person.

Success Stories

"I sincerely appreciate the team behind AgeMatch. I was fed up looking to date a man who is older than me. I browse through different dating sites and wasn't satisfied with what I got, until I stumbled on AgeMatch. Initially, I didn't want to create a profile, but my kid sister pressured me to sign up for an account that she met her boyfriend there. I took the courage and then created a new account and uploaded a decent photo of myself. AgeMatch started suggesting a few profiles to me for consideration. I live in Austin, TX, so all those that were suggested to me were located close by. I sent wink to this particular handsome and very rich man. He immediately responded and that was how we connected. Two months after we met, we decided to get married. I now have 2 kids for him,"' ----- Mary, 38.

"I am really a fan of age gap dating because older men are more established and mature than their younger counterparts. A colleague in my workplace introduced me to AgeMatch after complaining to her that I want to give love a chance. I immediately access the site via my smartphone, registered, and upload beautiful photos of myself. A week later I got winked by an older man in his 50s. We started talking and met physically in one of the best restaurants in town to formally know ourselves. We started dating and he proposed to marry me last month. Plans are on top gears for our wedding ceremony," ------ Sarah, 32

Why Select the Age Gap Dating Site To Date A Man Over 50

Here are some of the good reasons to choose AgeMatch to date a man over 50:

  1. Huge membership list: AgeMatch ranks high in terms of the number of older men over 50 on its register. If you are a young lady seeking and dating an older man over 50, AgeMatch is your best bet.
  2. Affordability: AgeMatch is one of the most affordable dating sites in the age gap dating niche. With as low as $29.95, you can get a monthly membership to find true love.
  3. Safety: AgeMatch takes the issue of members' safety very seriously. They have a mechanism in place to check fraud and scams.

Serious Dating Site For Marriage

If you're looking to settle down with an older man over 50, you will get it on AgeMatch. In fact, AgeMatch is a serious dating site for younger women and older men looking for marriage. Whether you are a man over 50 or a young lady, you can meet your life partner on AgeMatch. It is not sugar daddy site.


The following are the amounts payable by members on the age gap dating site:

Duration/Plan Costs Total
1 Month 29.95 USD / Month 29.95 USD
3 Months 19.98 USD / Month 59.95 USD
6 Months 15.99 / Month 95.95 USD

NB: You can make payment via Cheque, PayPal, and Credit/debit cards.


  • AgeMatch has a huge membership base for you to find and connect with an older man over 50
  • The registration process is very simple
  • The site is safe to find true love
  • You get to meet established and mature men on AgeMatch


  • If you are not resident in the United States, your chances of meeting a potential match are very slim
  • Only paid members can access some site features

FAQs Of The Dating Site For Age Gap Relationship

How can I make payment?

You can make payment via Cheque, Credit card or PayPal

How long does it take to open an account?

You won't spend up to 5 minutes, and you would be done with the account opening stage

Can I get a serious date for marriage?

Of course, AgeMatch is a serious dating site for marriage.


AgeMatch is a great and serious age gap dating site for over 50s single men and younger women. They provide an interactive environment for younger women to meet older men over 50. If you think you're up for age gap dating, why not head straight to their website to create an account and start browsing.